Friday, November 7, 2008

Black Kites / Fleshtemple @ Gardensk8 11/02/08

Black Kites- Advancement to Ruins

Fleshtemple- Bermuda Triangles

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fleshtemple @ America 10/18/08

Fleshtemple @ America 10/18/08 with Seasick, Killin It, Shit Fit and Vitamin X.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Psyched To Die @ America 10.6.08

Psyched to Die @ America 10.8.08 with Think Fast, The Jurks and Lighten Up. One of the best new NJ bands.

Black Kites @ The Breadbox

We're back, we've been gone for a minute... I got a job and have been forgetting to bring my camera around to shows.... Here is a song from Black Kites- The song that has no name .... shit's mad hard... Taken at the Breadbox on 10/5/08 @ a show with Black Ships, Vultures and Vowels.

Some more Black Kites

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here is a couple of little videos I took

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Flesh temple- becoming one of my favorite bands in new jersey, so heavy and fast at the same time, but they've got those parts man that just get your head banging, they are all fucking madmen too

Here is some pics:

Fleshtemple @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

Fleshtemple @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

Fleshtemple @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

Video is uploading to youtube right now

ramming speed i checked out briefly, that was some thrashy shit

I heard the cult ritual set was insane bummed i skipped out on watching it

Staring Problem- Best set of 2008, hands down... the best i've ever seen them, the best reaction ive ever seen them get....fucking mind loud, so heavy, soo good.... seriously the best set i've seen all year...loved it

Staring Problem @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

Staring Problem @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

Staring Problem @ America...New Brunswick NJ 8.06.08

good show nick, big ups to the killin it crew for doing shows at this AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME house.... basement is perfect.... hopefully kids stay respectful outside because its seriously perfect, so much fun



Sunday, August 3, 2008

Killing Time / Subzero @ The Hount 8/02/08

rolled up to this spot in yonkers, real chill section of the town.... venue looks huge we just start chillin in the parking lot and shit, we got there around 7 when doors were and NO ONE was there... blah blah hangin in the parking lot

went inside to scope the place, really awesome, HUGE, stage....legit club....lots of room though which ruled.... they had some awesome merch, picked up a KT shirt and a shirt that had the flyer for the show on it (it was a benefit for someones son who had leukemia)

THE BOARDLORDS were up first, they were really tight and had a epitaph punk type of feel.... really good at what they do, reminded me a lot of PENNYWISE but mixed in with NOFX.... i enjoyed the set

about 10 minutes after they played like a million people showed up.....the place was packed

didn't watch SKIN CANDY and caught like two MAXIMUM PENALTY songs that i wasn't feelin too much

some metal band MALIGNANCY was up next and they were just a straight metal band, had a big ass banner and shit... straight up metal like you would see at lamours or some shit..... real metal though, not that chugg chugg bree bullshit.... it was decent

SUBZERO was up next.... band is so good, the perfect mix of heavy mosh and fast hardcore punk.... every song was tight and the band just seemed so siked to be playing... i've seen em before in NJ and kids just weren't into it here, i was expecting a crazier reaction but they got over pretty well, some kids knew the words and were dancing.... band shreds, knowledge needs to be dropped on NJ heads on this band.... they are great

KILLING TIME was up last.... was expecting all the people there to go ape shit...i've never seen any of the killing time shows they've played over the past few years....they were real tight and didn't skip a beat....mad people were into it but 70% of the crowd was just chillin by the bar or in the back.... set was really tight and enjoyable to watch.... singer is a funny dude.... it would rule if they played NJ

overall the show was rad

chicken and rice gave me the worst shits ive ever had in my life...RTF FTW





Saw this and it blow my mind

Ate this and it blew my anus





Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Troublemaker @ The Breadbox 7/28/08

Troublemaker @ The Breadbox with All Hype and Rip it up

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black Kites @ The Breadbox

Here is two songs from Black Kites playing at the Breadbox on 7/22/08. Wait in Vain, Staring Problem and Fleshtemple also played this show.

Black Kites @ Goodtimez

Here is a video of Black Kites playing at Goodtimez with Have Heart / Verse / Foundation. 7/17/08


Well, Here it is. Our first attempt at a blog, we are going to be updating this with information about Ride The Fury Records and the fanzine. We are going to be putting up video interviews with people and pieces of the cut and paste fanzine we do so you can get a taste of whats in each issue. We feel like it is important to keep the zine on printed paper so we can document the current times of hardcore. We are making this blog in attempts to bridge our gap of the internet world to our fanzine and label. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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